Betterworld has supported the local youth groups in Devonport, Auckland; and Christian ministry at local schools.

In 2005 & 2007, Betterworld ran the Quest video series (produced by YFC Canada, narrated by Phil Cann) at a local high school in Auckland.

We gathered a group of christian students at the school, and helped them plan & run this video series. Notices were read out to each class at the beginning of the day so that every student knew about the video series. Posters were also put up around the school. The students were invited to watch the videos at lunchtimes (once a week for seven weeks), and chocolate brownie was provided. Students who attended went in the draw to win an ipod.

A large number of students flooded into the classroom each week to watch the videos, and all the brownie got eaten. At the end of each video screening, students were given the opportunity to fill in feedback forms. Students were also provided with an opportunity to write down their contact details if they were interested in a follow-up event/group.

The responses we received from students (on the feedback forms) showed that many of the students found the video series a really helpful way to question and explore their thoughts about God, faith, and religion.

After the video series finished, Betterworld ran a follow-up Christian discussion group for a number of weeks with the students who wanted to learn more after watching the video series. As a result of this video series (and the follow-up group), some of these students chose to continue their faith journey by getting involved in their local churches and youth groups.