About Us

People have asked for an “about us” page – so here it is.

This website is designed to give connection between various activities we are involved in – these activities seem to span a wide range, so it has seemed difficult to connect them (& we tend to forget about some of them at times – they just keep rolling along).

David and Margaret Allis:

The “we” of this is David Allis (responsible for the craziness – and manic expansion at times), along with Margaret Allis & various children & others who help along the way.

David & Margaret have been married for 35+ years, and have 6 children (from late teens to mid 30s), plus some daughter/son-in-laws, plus 5x beautiful grandchildren. They now live in Devonport, Auckland, near the beach – with businesses run from an office next door, and charities run from a home office – things are a bit more peaceful now … after years of it seeming like a train station or busy market at times.

David is the director of Barcodes Ltd and International Barcodes Ltd. Both of these NZ based companies have a strong charity and global development focus.

Barcodes Ltd (Barcodes NZ):

Barcodes Ltd (directed by David Allis) is a NZ barcodes company that is 100% owned by Better World Initiative. Therefore all profits from that company go directly to Better World to be used for charitable purposes.

Barcodes Ltd was the first company in New Zealand to take the Giving What We Can Pledge – pledging to give at least 10% of their profits to highly effective charities. As they are owned by Better World Initiatve, actually 100% of their profits go to charities, but not all of these are considered ‘highly effective’ (they are still wonderful charities).

International Barcodes Ltd:
International Barcodes Ltd supports global development charities through it’s global organisation International Barcodes Network. They have licensees supplying barcodes to local customers throughout the world, and they use some of the profit from barcode sales to support community development projects in many of those locations – including in Nigeria, Nepal, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Uganda, India, Venezuela and South Africa.

Contact Us:

If you want to contact us, try emailing        david @ betterworld.nz (without the spaces)

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