About Us

People have asked for an “about us” page – so here it is.

This website is designed to give connection between various activities we are involved in – these activities seem to span a wide range, so it has seemed difficult to connect them (& we tend to forget about some of them at times – they just keep rolling along).

The “we” of this is David Allis (responsible for the craziness – and manic expansion at times), along with Margaret Allis & various children & others who help along the way.

David & Margaret have been married for 35+ years, and have 6 children (from late teens to mid 30s), plus some daughter/son-in-laws, plus 5x beautiful grandchildren. They now live in Devonport, Auckland, near the beach – with businesses run from an office next door, and charities run from a home office – things are a bit more peaceful now … after years of it seeming like a train station or busy market at times.

If you want to contact us, try emailing        david @ betterworld.nz (without the spaces)

And a couple of articles about us

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