House Churches

Better World Initiative has networked with & supported house churches throughout NZ. A “House church” is a group of Christians gathering regularly in a home instead of in a dedicated church building. House church gatherings are generally free, informal, and sometimes include a shared meal. Participants hope that everyone present will feel free to contribute to the gathering.

1. The NZ House Church Directory – In 2012 Better World launched the NZ House Church Directory website. This was a reasonably exhaustive directory of house churches in New Zealand. However, it was difficult to maintain, as house churches come, go & change relatively rapidly (this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage). The best house church directory is now on the Edgenet website

2. Edgenet website ( Better World Initiative ran the Edgenet website from 2005 to 2016. Edgenet is a website with lots of articles & resources on it to help house churches in NZ, and people transitioning out of traditional institutional churches.

3. Devonport House Church: Better World Initiative supported a house church that met in the home of David & Margaret Allis (& their 6 wonderful kids) in Devonport, Auckland. However, this stopped meeting in early 2016 and members are now seeking alternative ways to be missional in their communities.