Can we make the world a better place?

Changing the world (for the better) has been our life’s hope/dream/vision/purpose. But the reality is harder than the theory.

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Use the menu above to see some of the endeavours we are (or have been) involved in – all with varying levels of enthusiasm and success.

The THINGS we are keen on at the moment are here (if you have any ideas or inspiration or want to connect or help or steal these ideas – please get in touch).

HOT OFF THE PRESS – Tap Point Donation Devices
We have purchased 4 of these to use for Effective Altruism NZ.
The first is ready to go (pic below) – set to $3 donation which is enough to buy a bednet through Against Malaria Foundation – this will typically protect 2 children in Africa (currently distributing in Uganda) from mosquitos (which carry malaria etc) for 5 years. $3 to change 2 lives – a bargain.
EA Tap Point AMF

Just Talk – a speech competition aimed at encouraging teenagers to research a social justice topic and present a speech on that topic, as part of their normal school activities – to help increase awareness of social justice issues (the student does the research, the speech gets listened to by their family + classmates + teacher).

Started in NZ 2017 for 13-15 yr old students – 160+ entries from 60+ schools.

2019 expanding
Category 1 – ALL Year 9 & 10 students across New Zealand
Category 2 – ALL Year 7 & 8 students across New Zealand
Category 3 – ALL Te Reo Year 9 – 13 students across New Zealand

Ethical Choices App – we’ve been dreaming about this for a while. See a 5-minute walkthrough of the concept on YouTube here.

Inclusive Church Survey & Resources – a way to help churches self-assess, and also encourage them to be more inclusive in 7 areas –
– Poverty
– Ethnicity
– Gender
– Sexuality
– Disabilities
– Mental health
– Other areas including old age, divorce, singleness, suicide etc
(link coming soon – once we finish the survey and find some resources)

If you want to contact us, try emailing [email protected]

You might have noticed – this is a basic website – not flash – we prefer to spend our time doing good things rather than making things look pretty.

QuestionPro‘s advanced survey features powers our data intelligence, allowing us to create surveys, collect responses, distribute critical information, and analyze results.