Effective Altruism

We are big supporters of Effective Altruism NZ (effectivealtruism.nz). It is part of a global movement to research & identify the most effective ways of doing good. Effective Altruism NZ partners with Give Well (givewell.org), so you can make tax-deductible donations to some of the top-rated effective charities worldwide.

What is Effective Altruism?

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement focused on a single question: How can we best help others? Effective altruism is both a research project, which aims to identify the most effective ways of doing good, and a practical community that aims to put those findings into practice.

Learn more with a free book

We have partnered with Effective Altruism NZ to give away free copies of the book ‘Doing Good Better’ (by William MacAskill). To request a free copy of the book please go to: effectivealtruism.nz/book-giveaway. “Doing Good Better” is an excellent introduction to effective altruism, and may well change how you give your money and live your life.

“Beautifully written and extremely smart. Doing Good Better should be required reading for anyone interested in making the world better” – Steven Levitt, University of Chicago economist and author of Freakonomics.

How to get involved

You can make a tax-deductible donation to one of the world’s most highly effective global health & development charities at this link: https://effectivealtruism.nz/donate

There are a range of highly effective charities you can donate to via that link, including: GiveDirectly (cash transfer program), Against Malaria Foundation (distributing treated bed nets), Malaria Consortium (distributes antimalarial medication to children), and Unlimit Health (eliminating parasitic disease).

You can also get involved with the EA Community in NZ by visiting this link: https://effectivealtruism.nz/nz-community

Some other Effective Altruism things we like

Giving What We Can – website

The Life You Can Save – website

80,000 Hours

Charity Impact Calculator – work out the best use of your giving $$$

The Most Good You Can Do – book by Peter Singer

Fair & Good – a GREAT NZ Ethical product directory

How much should I donate to charity? Finding a good standard for giving.

10 Reasons Why We Should Donate To The Most Effective Charities

How does change happen? The power of social proof in behaviour change & successful movement growth

Future Ideas ….

Direct person-to-person sponsorship for those in need (mix the ideas of overseas child sponsorship, kiva & peer to peer lending, then add lots of idealism)

Social Enterprise Directory – something like Social Traders in Australia and their Social Enterprise Finder