Deaf Community

Jesus Film in NZ Sign Language

Better World Initiative has supported the NZ Deaf Community & deaf teachers by assisting in the production of Deaf Teaching Videotapes. Partnering with Campus Life & NZ Christian Deaf leaders & translators, King’s Trust initiated & assisted in the production of the Jesus film with NZ Sign Language translation for the deaf. 1000 copies were produced and given away. The Jesus Film (in NZ Sign Language) can also be watched online for free thanks to the JESUS Film Project.

Adelaide Deaf Christian Conference 2012

Better World Initiative paid the airfares of Peter Coxhead (who has a deaf ministry in NZ with his wife Julie) so that he could attend the Adelaide Deaf Christian Conference in June 2012. Peter said that he was looking forward to the Conference, “It is 16 years since I went to the last one (with Julie, before starting our family). It has been important for me to have some Deaf mentoring for Deaf Ministry, which is unavailable in NZ, so I’m really looking forward to it – this is a wonderful blessing and I pray it will help me as I lead the Deaf ministry here.”

There were three Deaf guest speakers (two men from Melbourne and Sydney and a woman from Scotland).

After the Conference, Peter sent us an email to let us know how it went: “The conference was fantastic. Through the week, I learned a lot – I talked with the others about their churches in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. They all went to Deaf churches for Deaf people and for hearing people who can sign. There were only very few of them who went to a hearing church with an interpreter like us. I was able to ask the other leaders for advice about what would be good for our Deaf ministry and how things could work better. I was inspired to think about starting a Deaf church again [in New Zealand] in the future.” Since coming back from the Conference, Peter has used some of his new ideas to make some positive changes to his Deaf Ministry in NZ.