Finding Faith Books

In 2006 Better World donated ‘Finding Faith’ Books to Libraries & Prisons:

Helping New Zealanders safely find faith is one of the key challenges facing NZ today.  There are thousands of New Zealanders who are spiritually open and are searching for answers on their spiritual journey. Unfortunately, for many of these spiritual seekers, the church and the Bible are some of the last places they would think to look.

Hence, in 2006 Better World developed an innovative solution to help some of these spiritual seekers in association with local churches. We embarked on a project to get a strategic book into each of the approximately 300 public libraries in NZ. “Finding Faith” by Brian McLaren was chosen as the central book to give to the libraries.  Published in 1999, Finding Faith aims to help spiritual seekers progress through their spiritual search by confronting questions, in non-Christian language, about God, the nature of faith, truth, and religious life. Copies of the book were also given to university chaplains, and also to prison libraries.

he Finding Faith books were welcomed by staff at the public libraries and by chaplains at the prisons:

“Dear David, Warmest Christian Greetings. Thank you most sincerely for the copy of the book “Finding Faith” by Brian McLaren. I was most impressed with the book. It is now in the library at Dunedin Prison and we are considering getting more copies. It is indeed a very helpful study book for new inmates who are coming to faith. I am writing on behalf of our Chaplaincy team as well as our Trust to sincerely thank you for your kindness.” (Ron C Parker).

“Dear David, I have received your letter and accompanying copy of Finding Faith. Thank you for your generosity. I look forward to reading the book with interest. For your records, I serve as Chaplain at College House, the University of Canterbury hall of residence.”  (David Moore).