Wild Goose 2018 – Free Book

It was great for me (David) to be at Wild Goose again this year – my third time.  We don’t have anything like this in New Zealand yet.
I led a couple of discussions in Convo Hall on Effective Altruism & christianity- we had an interesting time talking about this.
As part of all this, I gave the Convo Hall participants a free copy of Doing Good Better by Will MacAskill. This is a great book – well worth reading.  We have been doing a give-away of this book in NZ, and have given away 800 copies over the past 2 years.

We wanted to extend this giveaway to Wild Goose people in the USA. The Wold Goose organisers (lovely people) didn’t think it would work to offer free books in the book tent at Wild Goose – so they suggested that we advertise this after Wild Goose via Facebook.

So – if you have come to this page, you have probably come via Wild Goose Facebook.
And YES, we want to send you a free copy of this book (no strings attached).
Just fill in the form below and we will send you a FREE copy (via Amazon).