Transformational Community Development

What is Transformational Community Development?

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is GHNI’s coaching-based process for helping villages transform themselves and break the cycle of extreme poverty. TCD staff help villages form sustainable development committees in five main areas, and then coach them in the 4L’s: Low Cost, Low Tech, Local Resources and Local Leadership. TCD Projects usually take 3-5 years in each village.

The aim is to build strong, self-reliant communities that are able to identify their own needs, develop their own solutions, and implement their own projects. Find out more here on GHNI’s website:

TCD Projects we are currently funding:

Polewali Village TCD Project in Indonesia – this is a 3-5 year TCD Project that we are fully funding (2019-ongoing).

Community Development in Nepal we are helping to support TCD initiatives in Nepal – primarily focusing on income generation projects in Luina village, Makawanpur – including like raising goats, poultry, bee keeping, or vegetable farming (2020-2023 ongoing).

Community Development in Nigeria – Several new water wells & an electric pump installed (2020-2022).

We are also supporting several other TCD projects via our other charity (Community Transformation Trust) – we are currently funding a project Mawa, Indonesia (2019-2024) and another one in Cairo, Egypt (2023-2028), as well as the Seeding Funding Project (which provides funding so that selected TCD workers in key regions around the world can identify and assess potential villages that could be suitable for new TCD projects).

How to learn more or get involved

We’d love to join with other Kiwis in helping to support and fund TCD Projects around the world!

Find out more about Transformational Community Development on the GHNI website here:

If you want to find out more, or if you’re interested in funding (or partially funding) a TCD Project, please get in touch with David ([email protected]), or else contact GHNI directly on this page: