Pastoral Ministry & Planting Project in Venezuela

Since 2017 Better World (via our partnership with International Barcodes Network) has been supporting a pastor, Abihail Lara, and the ministry he is involved in: Next Step Venezuela (NSVZLA). Abihail runs our Venzuela barcodes website, and all income from barcode sales on that website go to support him and his ministry.

Update (May 2022) our support has helped the following ministries:

  • Online training course for Christian leaders (Hagios Digital) – most students can’t afford full tuition, so income from barcode sales partially supports 15 teachers and 7 managers so they can continue teaching students who can’t afford full tuition.
  • A planting project – which employs 6 young people – barcode income has been used to buy seeds and finance some of the plantings.
  • Support for Abihail in his ministry – our donations help Abihail with the travel and logistics to help with the remodeling of their operations centre in Valencia, with the vision of starting a Christian university.