Past Projects

Over the years, we’ve been involved in a lot of other projects – here are a few (the ones we can remember, or want to remember?)


Developing and resourcing partnerships with indigenous people who have a vision to transform their communities.

Zimbabwe – in 2020-2021 we financially supported Peniel Children’s home for orphans and vulnerable children (run by Bright Hope World).

Bangladesh – funding a water pump in a village (via Bright Hope World)

Zambia (supporting 5 different orphan care projects) – via GHNI.

Indonesia – in 2020-2021 we funded a 3-year Community Development Project via GHNI (in Polewali village). Find out more here.

Tajikistan – in 2020-2021 we funded a 2-year Community Development Project via GHNI (unfortunately this project was paused/discontinued in 2022 due to some issues, but hopefully can be restarted there at a later stage).

Vietnam – in 2020-2021 we paid for the refurbishment of a drug rehab centre in Vietnam (GHNI).

Bolivia – Between 2010-2015 we supported well drilling projects run by Agua:Yaku, as well as two youth workers from NZ who were working with young people in El Alto. Read more about it here.

KIVA Micro-Finance$7500 donated towards micro-enterprise loans for people in developing countries

World Vision and Tear Fund – we’ve supported many of their community development & famine/disaster relief projects over the years.

Researching Alternative Technologies: We’ve been researching relevant alternative technologies for use in poor countries – in particular, the Trust is researching hydroponics, worm farming, timber milling & technologies for the provision of clean drinking water (wells, solar cleansing etc).


Tap Point Donation Devices (2020) – We purchased 4 of these to use for Effective Altruism NZ. They were set up in local retail stores, set to $3 donation which is enough to buy a bednet through Against Malaria Foundation. $3 will typically protect 2 children in Africa (currently distributing in Uganda) from mosquitos (which carry malaria etc) for 5 years. $3 to change 2 lives – a bargain.


Hagar New Zealand – Hagar is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization offering services and assistance to people who have escaped sexual slavery and/or human trafficking. In 2019-2020 we provided funding to support Hagar’s work in Cambodia, Afghanistan & Vietnam.

Anti-trafficking projects in India, Nepal & Bangladesh – since living in Kolkata for 3 years in the early 1990s, we’ve had a love & interest for Calcutta. Through the Better World trust we financially support a person based in Kolkata who works full time travelling to meet, support, and co-ordinate with various different projects/teams involved with anti-trafficking and rehabilitation. He is primarily based in India but also travels to visit and support projects in Nepal and Bangladesh. Find out more.


Unicycles to Schools – we learned to ride unicycles, imported & sold them, and loaned lots to schools (they are great educationally). Find out more here.

Just Talk (School Speech Competition) 2017-2019 – a speech competition aimed at encouraging teenagers to research a social justice topic and present a speech on that topic, as part of their normal school activities – to help increase awareness of social justice issues (the student does the research, the speech gets listened to by their family + classmates + teacher). Started in NZ 2017 for 13-15 yr old students – 160+ entries from 60+ schools. In 2019 the competition was expanded into 3 different categories: all students in years 7-8; all students in years 9-10; and all Te Reo students in years 12-13.

Te Reo Maori Resources – In 2012 the trust supplied free copies of the game Discover NZ – translated into Te Reo M?ori – to M?ori language immersion schools.

Youth Education – The trust financially supports alternative education programmes for at-risk youth in NZ. Recently, the trust funded the purchase of a kayak for one of these programmes.

Youth Ministry – Kings Trust has supported the local youth groups in Devonport, Auckland; and Christian ministry at local schools. In 2005 & 2007, Kings Trust ran the Quest video series (produced by YFC Canada, narrated by Phil Cann) at a local high school in Auckland.

Social Housing – In 2019 we purchased a property in Auckland for use as social housing. This property is leased to Bays Community Housing Trust for use as social housing.

See the Better World Blog.

Donations to many charitable and not-for-profit organisations in New Zealand, including ECPAT, Special Olympics, Porirua Living without Violence, and Lost Hope Restored have been made by the trust.


Inclusive Church Survey & Resources (2019-2020, project currently on hold). . A way to help churches self-assess, and also encourage them to be more inclusive in 7 areas –
– Poverty
– Ethnicity
– Gender
– Sexuality
– Disabilities
– Mental health
– Other areas including old age, divorce, singleness, suicide etc

Donating the ‘Finding Faith’ book to libraries & prisons (2006) – In 2006 we donated 300+ copies of the ‘Finding Faith’ book (by Brian McLaren) to public libraries, University chaplains, and prisons. Find out more here.

House Churches in NZ – Better World Initiative has networked with & supported house churches throughout NZ. In 2012 Better World launched the NZ House Church Directory website. Find out more here.

NZ Deaf Community – we’ve been involved in supporting some parts of this community, through assisting leadership, and provision of teaching resources in NZ Sign Language (NZSL), including a NZSL version of the Jesus film. Find out more here.

Quest video series – In 2005 & 2007, Betterworld ran the Quest video series (produced by YFC Canada, narrated by Phil Cann) at a local high school in Auckland. The responses we received from students showed that many of the students found the video series a really helpful way to question and explore their thoughts about God, faith, and religion. After the video series finished, Betterworld ran a follow-up Christian discussion group with the students who wanted to learn more.

Children’s Bible Mininstries (CBM) – $600/year to support a young Bible School student in the Philippines gain a diploma. We’ve been supporting the CBM since 2012.

Some Things We Like

Social Enterprise Directory (for Australia) – we need something like this in NZ

Future Ideas ….

Direct person-to-person sponsorship for those in need (mix the ideas of overseas child sponsorship, kiva & peer to peer lending, then add lots of idealism)

Social Enterprise Directory

Ethical Choices App Project (2019-2020). We’ve been dreaming about this for a while. See a 5-minute walkthrough of the concept on YouTube here. This project is now on hold.