Other Overseas Projects

Donations to Charities & Not-For-Profit Organisations (since 2010):

  • Prevention of trafficking & forced prostitution – Over $18,000 donated towards the rescue & rehabilitation of children and women trafficked into prostitution in India, Bangladesh & Nepal.
  • World Vision – $18,000 donated towards its projects in developing countries.
  • Agua:Yaku – $11,500 donated towards well-drilling projects in Bolivia.
  • Bright Hope World – $10,000 donated towards community development programmes in developing countries.
  • Kiva – $7500 donated towards micro-enterprise loans for people in developing countries.
  • Pioneers Aotearoa New Zealand – $2000 donated towards youth ministry in Bolivia.
  • TEAR Fund – $2,000 donated towards its projects in developing countries and $10,000 towards famine relief.
  • Children’s Bible Mininstries (CBM) – $600/year to support a young Bible School student in the Philippines gain a diploma.

Cross-Cultural Student Exchange: supporting cross-cultural student exchange programmes. In 2009 the Trust assisted a Kiwi high school student to raise money so that he could study in Bolivia for a year (as an AFS exchange), and in 2010 the Trust hosted a boy from Peru who came to live in NZ for a year.

Researching Alternative Technologies: researching relevant alternative technologies for use in poor countries – in particular, the Trust is researching hydroponics, worm farming, timber milling & technologies for the provision of clean drinking water (wells, solar cleansing etc).

Children’s Bible Ministry: making regular donations to the Children’s Bible Ministry (CBM) since early 2012. Established in 1963, CBM is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation with ministries in New Zealand, Singapore, India and the Philippines. CBM runs “Camp Raglan” holiday programs in New Zealand, which provides a range of activities (including a Confidence Course; Flying Fox; Archery; BMX Bikes; Surfing; & Orienteering).