Community development in Nepal

Income Generation Projects in Luina Village (in Makawanpur)

Through our partnership with International Barcodes Ltd, Better World is supporting GHNI’s local partner Kiran Karki & the community development projects that have underway in Nepal. We have been supporting these projects since 2019 and our support is ongoing.

Our donations are primarily going towards supporting income generation projects & small businesses in Luina village as part of the TCD (Transformational Community Development) programme.

January 2023 Update: Every family now has at least one enterprise like raising goats, poultry, bee keeping, or vegetable farming. Some of the families are self-sustaining. The community is now using safe drinking water & have had health and wellness teaching from TCD (and have applied the teaching to their lives). Members of the community are continuing to seek new sources of income generation and finding local sources. The community is being given ongoing TCD lessons from the TCD committee president pastor Ramprasad Praja.

Success story: This is a success story of Maila Praja. His life was changed by the TCD program. He had no good income source until the TCD committee helped him start poultry farming. Later he started goat keeping (he had 5 goats), vegetable farming, and chicken farming. He has increased his income, so that now he is self-sustainable and can provide for all the needs of his family.