Some Things We Do

Barcodes NZ -selling barcodes in NZ and 8 other countries directly – with happy customers in 100+ countries

International Barcodes – selling barcodes through licensees in non-English language countries

Barcodes Database – an international database of barcode numbers and products
Global Electronic Barcode Information Registry– another international database of barcode numbers and products

Edugames – designing and selling educational games in NZ

Trust-Verified – trust seals for websites


Some Things We Like

Care Alert emergency alarms – we looked into this a few years ago, but didn’t pursue it – great to see it on the market in NZ now.

Unicycles NZ – our first business in NZ was selling unicycles – started at the same time as the guys – they are still operating & supply great unicycles (& we have moved on to other things) (although we still loan unicycles to schools)

Future Ideas ….

Watch this space …..