Some Things We Do

Barcodes NZ (Barcodes Ltd) – selling barcodes in NZ and 8+ other countries directly – with happy customers in 100+ countries. This business is owned by our charity (Better World Initiative) so all profits go towards charitable purposes.

International Barcodes Network (International Barcodes Ltd) – our other barcodes business – selling barcodes through licensees in non-English language countries.

Barcodes Database – an international database of barcode numbers and products

International Barcode Registry– another international database of barcode numbers and products

Our previous businesses

Unicycles NZ – our first business in NZ was selling unicycles – started at the same time as the guys.  The business was successful, and many competitors started & tried to ride the wave of interest, including The Warehouse selling cheap (junk) unicycles. The market got saturated with unicycles, including many that were poor quality …  so we closed down (moved on to other things) & then the competitors closed down … and now the closest unicycle shop to NZ is in Australia.  It was great while it lasted, and we loaned unicycles to about 120 schools – o there might be a small generation with some kiwi kids that learnt to unicycle.

Edugames – our second business in NZ – designing and selling educational games in NZ such as Kiwi Quiz, Discover NZ (English and Te Reo versions), Discover Wildlife, and Brit Quiz. We no longer run this business – but the games we designed are still available (including updated versions) from Papawai Media.