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Changing Our Mind by David Gushee

Unclobber  by Colby Martin  (available again from April 2019)

Doing Good Better by Will MacAskill

Changing Our Mind by David Gushee
“Every generation has its hot-button issue,” writes David P. Gushee, “For us, it’s the LGBT issue.” In Changing Our Mind, Gushee takes the reader along his personal and theological journey as he changes his mind about gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender inclusion in the Church.
With 19 books to his name, Gushee is no stranger to the public arena. He is the author of the “Evangelical Declaration Against Torture” and drafted the “Evangelical Climate Initiative. “For decades now, David Gushee has earned the reputation as America’s leading evangelical ethicist. In this book, he admits that he has been wrong on the LGBT issue.” writes Brian D. McLaren, author and theologian.
In the definitive third edition of this book, David Gushee issues a scholarly response to his critics.
Brian D. McLaren says it best: “Not only is David Gushee’s work deep, thoughtful and brilliant; and not only is David philosophically and theologically careful and astute; he is also refreshingly clear and understandable by ‘common people’ who know neither philosophical nor theological mumbo jumbo.”

Unclobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality
Unclobber: Rethinking Our Misuse of the Bible on Homosexuality By Colby Martin
FREE for giveaway in New Zealand – just send us an email with your name & address, and we will send you a free copy.
This is a GREAT book to get, read, and then pass on to other influential people, maybe saying something like “I read this & found it great – I thought you’d appreciate it, and I would like to talk about it with you if you read it”


Doing Good Better by Will MacAskill
We have funded 340 copies of this book (and another 200 arrive in May 2017) through the Effective Altruism New Zealand Charitable Trust – to giveaway to people, with the intention that they read the book, then pass it on to an interested friend, family member or colleague when they have finished reading.
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William MacAskill is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Lincoln College, Oxford, and was integral in the creation of the effective altruism movement. “Superb. This must-read book will lead people to change their careers, their lives, and the world for the better” – Peter Singer, Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University.

 “Beautifully written and extremely smart. Doing Good Better should be required reading for anyone interested in making the world better” – Steven Levitt, University of Chicago economist and author of Freakonomics.

“Doing Good Better” is an excellent introduction to effective altruism, and may well change how you give your money and live your life.