Better World Annual Report 2023

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These are some of the projects we are supporting in the 2023-2024 financial year:

Emergency Relief

  • $10,000 donated to World Vision’s response to the Türkiye-Syria Earthquake
  • $10,000 donated to World Vision’s response to the East Africa Famine


Girls Hostel in Malawi (World Vision’s Lipiri Education project)

The hostel will provide accommodation to 56 girls who are currently renting rooms nearby the Mdika High school in Lipiri. This project was started by World Vision in 2018, but completion has been delayed due to the global pandemic, poor road conditions and increased costs of materials and petrol. The hostel has 14 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. In June 2023 we donated $10,000 (via Barcodes Ltd) to help finish the hostel (install bathroom fixtures, paint the building exterior & rooms, install electricity and plumbing, and furnish the rooms). November 2023 update (photos below): “You’ll see the hostel has been painted and on track to get the plumbing and furniture completed soon – the girls are looking pretty excited.”