Better World Annual Report 2022

Better World Initiative has supported the following projects in 2022.

Transformational Community Development (Indonesia)

We have been funding the Transformational Community Development Project in Polewali Village (GHNI). This TCD project is expected to continue from 2020-2024. Better World has funded the first part of this project (in 2020-2021) and then CTT Trust (a different charity we run) took over in 2022 to fund the last part of this project.

PROGRESS SO FAR: Five new clean water sources have been drilled, and the water piped to houses. Several new latrines have been installed. The soap making business is going well, and there are plans to start a chicken raising business.

Income Generation Projects (Uganda & Nepal)

UGANDAIncome Generation for Single Mothers (KIYOSIMA). KIYOSIMA is an organisation that supports single mothers in Uganda. Better World supports KIYOSIMA in partnership with the International Barcodes Network. In 2022, donations from Better World were used to:

  • Provide sewing training for 50 single mothers
  • Provide training in how to make re-usable sanitary pads for 20 teenage single mothers
  • Pay the tuition fees for 2 high school girls
  • Run a mushroom farming training programme.
  • Savings towards the future purchase of 2 e-bikes to help transport their goods (clothes & mushrooms) to distant markets.

NEPAL – Income Generation Projects as part of GHNI’s TCD programme in Luina village, Makawanpur. In 2022 Better World continued to support income generation projects & small businesses in Makawanpur part of GHNI’s TCD programme. Every family has at least one enterprise like raising goats, poultry or bees. Better World supports these projects in partnership with the International Barcodes Network.

Effective Altruism New Zealand

We supported Effective Altruism New Zealand in 2022 with donations made via Barcodes Ltd. We also partnered with them in funding their “Book Giveaway“.

Just Kai: Identifying Slave Free Supply Chains

In 2022 we made donations to Just Kai – a Kiwi Charity that provides advice and Buying Guides on how to find slave-free fish, cocoa, and sugar products in New Zealand.

Other New Zealand Projects

  • We made donations to Kids Can to help Kiwi kids affected by poverty.
  • Donations to the Holy Trinity Church in Auckland to help with their building repair work costs.
  • Supporting the Devonport Ethical Christmas Market in Devonport. Stallholders have included: Above Rubies, Charity Tea, Effective Altruism NZ, Loyal, Marketplace International, Oak & Thistle Ltd., Organic Edible Garden, Tearfund New Zealand, Trade Aid, Make Give Live, Colour Our Story, Lilybee, Yhughes, Azallu Hagar, Ecology.

Other International Projects

VENEZUELA: Pastoral Ministry & Planting Project in Venezuela – Supporting a local pastor, Abihail Lara, in his pastoral ministry and social impact projects. The social impact projects include online training for pastors and leaders (most of the students are low-income and unable to pay for tuition); training counsellors; and supporting a planting project. Better World supports these projects in partnership with the International Barcodes Network.

INDIA: In 2022 Better World continued to make donations towards a person who works with other organisations and projects in an effort to reduce and prevent sex trafficking in India. He is based in Kolkata but travels to other areas as well when needed. We do this in partnership with the International Barcodes Network.

NIGERIA & TOGO: Community development in Nigeria (GHNI) – 2022 projects included installing a toilet in Kodzo village in Togo; installing a Borehole in Apir Nigeria, and ongoing building of the TCD (Transformational Community Development) Hall at Apir. Better World supports these projects in partnership with the International Barcodes Network.

BANGLADESH: Community development in Bangladesh (GHNI) – In 2022 donations from Better World went towards: food parcels for 200 people affected by flooding; regular food parcels for 25 widows (and mosquito nets); a children’s home; a new water pump; and warm blankets distributed to children, widows & other people in need at Christmas time. Better World supported these GHNI projects in partnership with the International Barcodes Network.

ETHIOPIA – Donations to the Hamlin Fistula Clinic

SOUTH AFRICA: We support Campus Crusade for Christ South Africa via Barcodes Ltd. In the KwaZulu-Natal region severe flooding in April 2022 caused 12000 homes to be destroyed & many to lose their employment. Our support went towards: distributing food & clothes; running a ‘Significant Women’ study helping ladies discover their worth and giftedness; and teaching small-scale vegetable production in this region. We also supported the University ministry in Gauteng.