Altruistic Endeavours

Some Things We Do

Effective Altruism NZ
– promoting Effective Altruism in NZ, and establishing a new Effective Altruism charity to facilitate NZ giving for international poverty alleviation.

Food Recovery NZ
– supporting Food Recovery/Rescue in NZ

Some Things We Like

Giving What We Can – website

The Life You Can Save – website

Centre For Effective Altruism – UK

80,000 Hours

Charity Impact Calculator – work out the best use of your giving $$$

The Most Good You Can Do – book by Peter Singer

Fair & Good – a GREAT NZ Ethical product directory

How much should I donate to charity? Finding a good standard for giving.

10 Reasons Why We Should Donate To The Most Effective Charities

How does change happen? The power of social proof in behaviour change & successful movement growth

Future Ideas ….

Direct person-to-person sponsorship for those in need (mix the ideas of overseas child sponsorship, kiva & peer to peer lending, then add lots of idealism)

Social Enterprise Directory – something like Social Traders in Australia and their Social Enterprise Finder