Can we make the world a better place?

Changing the world (for the better) has been our life’s dream and purpose. These are some of the poverty and justice projects we’re supporting. We’d love you to join us in supporting any of these projects!

Transformational Community Development

Transformational Community Development (TCD) is a process to help villages transform themselves and break the cycle of extreme poverty. We’re really excited about TCD, and we’ve been supporting TCD projects via GHNI for several years. In 2022 David visited some of the projects we’re supporting in Tajikistan, Indonesia & Vietnam.

Effective Altruism NZ

We are big supporters of Effective Altruism NZ. It is part of a global movement to research & identify the most effective ways of doing good. Effective Altruism NZ partners with Give Well (, so you can make tax-deductible donations to some of the top-rated effective charities worldwide.

Book Giveaway: We have partnered with Effective Altruism NZ to give away free copies of the book ‘Doing Good Better’ (by William MacAskill). To request a free copy of the book please go to:

La Mai Coffee

We love drinking La Mai Coffee (at home & in the office). Bright Hope World buys the coffee at above fair trade prices from villagers in East Thailand and imports it to NZ where it is roasted.

Ethical Christmas Market in Auckland

The Devonport Ethical Christmas market has been held annually since 2016 to showcase goods that are made in an ethical way AND are actively contributing to making the world a better place.

Hagar New Zealand

Hagar New ZealandHagar is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization offering services and assistance to people who have escaped sexual slavery and/or human trafficking. We’ve supported Hagar for several years & this is an organisation close to our hearts.

Just Kai: Identifying Slave Free Supply Chains

Just Kai is a group of Kiwis trying to encourage other Kiwis to buy food they’re confident wasn’t produced by slaves. They produce Buy Guides which focus on the three foods where slavery is most common (fish, cocoa, and sugar).

Our Charitable Businesses:

Barcodes Ltd ( is owned by Better World Initiative, so ALL profits from this business go directly to selected charities to help make the world a better place. Barcodes Ltd was the first NZ company to sign the ‘Giving What We Can’ pledge, committing to donate at least 10% of profits to highly effective charities:  

International Barcodes Ltd ( partners with local agents around the world to supply barcodes under a license arrangement. Some of the license fees are redirected to support community development & income generation initiatives in the poorest communities where our local barcode agents work.

Our Charitable Trusts:

Better World Initiative (

Community Transformation Trust (

Other Good Things we Support: (GHNI) – In 2023 we’re supporting World Vision’s Relief Funds in Turkey-Syria and East Africa (via Better World Initiative).  For more info or to donate: – ethical directory – 27 Seconds Wine gives 100% of its profits to fight human trafficking. – Fred Hollows Foundation NZ (restoring eyesight in the Pacific)